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What`s your portable media?
16/Apr/2010, 10:25 AM
lets start simple and move to more complicated things:

- A music player without a screen, usually fancy with low memory capacity ( 1-2 Gb )
Can`t play video files, view pictures or catch local radio waves.
*charges with a cable.

A standart MP3 player, usually sold in every major store ( wall-mart for example ) for about 20$.
Average capacity 2GB, also available in 512 mb, 1 Gb and 4 Gb models.
Can play music, and catch local radio waves so you can listen to the radio if you dont feel like listening to your music.
*uses AAA batteries.

Another MP3 player, this time bigger screen, more capacity ( approximatly for standart models - 4Gb )
Can usually record voices, play radio, music and usually has 3 available languages to choose from.
*charges with a cable

Sorry for the big size of this, couldnt find anything smaller.

An mp4 player, can play music, radio, usually record voices aswell if foction is included and of course play videos.
*some models also support picture viewing.
Regular models usually come equipped with transformation software for video files, a cable to charge it and a cheap set of earphones.
*charges with a cable.

A regular iPod, usually avalable in big capacities ( up to 160Gb, but also avalaible in 40Gb, 80 Gb and 120Gb models ) Plays music, videos, able to view pictures and has some integrated games in the system.
Usually comes with a limited warranty from Apple all depending on the plan you choose.
*charges with a cable

An iPod touch, plays music, videos, views pictures and of course theres the online App store which lets you download application for it, be it games, support programs or songs, some are free some you need to pay for.
*charges with a cable and comes with a limited warranty from Apple.

An iPhone, very similar to the iPod touch although this one involves an intergated microphone, an intergrated camera and of course comes with a contract with a mobile telephone company since to buy it alone is quite pricy    ( 500$ or so ), of course it makes calls like a normal cellhone aswell.
*charges with a cable and comes with a warranty from apple and a warranty from your phone provider

A cellphone, plays music, views photos, sometimes play movies ( all depending on the model )
*accesories not included - earphones for example. Can make normal calls like any other phone, ususally comes with a limited memory capacity so you`ll need to buy a memory card to insert into it.
*charges with a cable

Similar to the regular cellhone, can play music, videos and sometimes photos, once again accesories not included and memory cards will have to be purchased seperatly aswell.
*charges with a cable and easier to text with than the normal phone.

The iMobile, very small watch like phone-computer system, not widely available ( mostly for testers for this time )
Charges with a cable and doesnt last too long if you use it a lot, has limited capacity and can only play muusic and radio as far as i know.

A mini laptop, speaks for itself - a miniature version of your regular laptop, easier to transport, easier to break and of course overheats and battery dies faster than in your usual laptop, requires a lot of accesories which cost a heapload of money. Not reccomended.
*charges with a cable and battery can be swapped for most models.

Another miniature version but this time of a computer, features better cooling, a sliding touch screen and a miniature keyboard, usually comes with a warranty of 2 years and a similar capacity to the normal iPod
( about 80 Gb ) Can play all media you put into your usual PC.
*charges with a cable
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